Management Team

​Robert M Palladino , MBA          Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Palladino has over 20 years of broad based global finance and operations experience within the healthcare industry.  He served as Chief Financial Officer of Claritas Genomics, Inc., a commercial biotech company in the field of pediatric genomic medicine, using next generation sequencing technology for complex genetic disorders; CORRONA Holding, Inc, a medical data company which develops observational registries of primarily autoimmune diseases that improve the R&D process and advance post regulatory approval market intelligence, particularly pharmacovigilance; PatientsLikeMe, Inc., a commercial business platform of community based data collection and sharing that can improve the lives of patients diagnosed with life-changing diseases; Microsulis Medical Limited, a commercial microwave ablation platform technology company in oncology and women’s healthcare; BioSphere Medical, Inc., a publicly traded commercial polymer platform company for oncology and women’s healthcare; and as Assistant Treasurer of The Kendall Company, Inc., a publicly traded healthcare products manufacturer, now Covidien, a unit of Medtronic.

Isabel Kalofonos, MBA               Director

Isabel Kalofonos is Director and co-founder of BioNevia and Vice President of New Products Planning and Strategy at Shire Pharmaceuticals.  Ms. Kalofonos brings over 15 years of expertise in product commercialization, with global experience in a variety of therapeutic areas, including CNS, transplant, oncology, metabolic disease, rheumatology, cardiovascular disease, and pain. Since joining Shire in 2012, her areas of focus include guiding investment decisions for pipeline programs and developing strategic access to new business opportunities in such areas as gene therapy and hem-oncology, providing commercial guidance for licensing or acquisitions. Prior to joining Shire, Ms. Kalofonos held senior positions in New Product Planning and Strategy at Forest Labs and Sepracor Inc. (currently Sunovion Pharmaceuticals) leading the commercial strategy for several pipeline programs, and a key contributor to the success of Sepracor’s commercial launch of Lunesta®. Earlier in her career, Ms. Kalofonos worked in strategic and marketing consulting for several large and mid-size pharmaceutical companies.  Her experience includes preparing the launch of Celebrex® and Bextra® and contributing to the development of the commercial plan and sales force planning for Effexor XR®, Detrol® and Lidoderm®. Ms. Kalofonos holds a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA with emphasis in entrepreneurship.

Timothy J. Barberich                       Chairman & CEO

Mr. Barberich has been Chairman of BioNevia since June 2008 and CEO since 2014. He is a founder and former Chairman and CEO of Sepracor Inc., now known as Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, a research-based pharmaceutical company which was acquired by Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. in 2009.  Mr. Barberich served as CEO of Sepracor from 1984 to 2007 and as Chairman of the Board from 1990 to 2009. He currently serves on the boards of directors of publicly-traded HeartWare International, Inc. [NASDAQ: HTWR], GI Dynamics [ASX: GID], Verastem Inc. [NASDAQ: VSTM], and Tokai Pharmaceuticals [NASDAQ: TKAI], and on the boards of the privately held companies, Neurovance, Inc, and Mirimmune, Inc.  He has also served on the board of trustees of Boston Medical Center and the board of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers' Association (PhRMA). Prior to founding Sepracor, Mr. Barberich spent 10 years as a senior executive at Millipore Corporation.  Mr. Barberich holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry.​

Alexey Eliseev, PhD, MBA          Director

Dr. Eliseev’s career includes over 20 years of experience in academia, biotechnology industry and venture capital. He received his PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry from Moscow State University and his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Dr. Eliseev has been working in the US and Europe since 1992. Following three years of postdoctoral research in Germany and in the US, he joined the faculty at SUNY Buffalo in 1995 where he was awarded tenure in 2000. In 1999 he co-founded the pharmaceutical company Therascope, later known as Alantos Pharmaceuticals, together with a number of prominent founders including French Nobel Laureate Jean-Marie Lehn. He then became Chief Technology Officer and President of its US division. Alantos was acquired by Amgen in 2007. Dr. Eliseev was also among the co-founders of AC Immune (Switzerland), and Boston BioCom LLC. In recent years he worked with Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund as its Managing Director and ran the investment activity of the fund in the United States. Currently Dr. Eliseev is a Venture Partner at Maxwell Biotech and CEO of a new cancer immunotherapy company MirImmune, Inc.

Dmitry Popov, MD, MBA            Director

 Dr. Popov is Founder and Managing Partner of Maxwell Biotech, a $100M venture capital fund that is solely dedicated to investments in the life sciences sector.  Dr. Popov founded Maxwell Biotech in 2008 and has managed more than 10 venture investments in biotech, pharma and medical device startups in the USA, Germany, UK, South Korea and Russia. Dr. Popov serves on the boards of numerous international biotech companies. 

Judy Caron, PhD                           Director & Vice President of Operations

A co-founder of BioNevia, Dr. Caron joined the company in 2008 as a Director and Vice President of Operations.  Her responsibilities include Project Management, Clinical Development, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Development, and Regulatory Operations. Dr. Caron has over 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical development, and began her career at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals where she managed projects in the therapeutic areas of oncology and immunology.  In 1997, she joined Sepracor Inc., a research-based pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of products in the field of CNS and respiratory, as Vice President of CNS Drug Development.  At Sepracor, Dr. Caron directed several CNS projects, including the development and approval of Lunesta® in the US and Japan, where Lunesta®  became the first CNS drug to be approved via a bridging strategy. Dr. Caron holds a PhD in molecular genetics.

Our Partners

Neuromax ,Ltd.
In 2010 the Company entered into a license agreement with Neuromax, a biotech portfolio company of Maxwell Biotech, a Russian venture fund for marketing rights to BVN-222 in Russia.  Under the terms of the agreement, BioNevia retains all worldwide rights to BVN-222 except in Russia.  It is anticipated that the current Phase 2b trial will allow for registration and approval of BNV-222 for the Russian market.